Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Technical Metal started with the policy of ‘Nothing is impossible’ as a part of its work culture and is the same even today. We have manufactured fasteners for some of the largest and most challenging projects in the World. We are proud to state that our fasteners have been fitted in Dubai Metro, Burj Khalifa and Kashangan Refinery Projects. One of the other founding principles that the company is founded on is the “flexibility” and “adaptability” to changing customer requirements which has made the company grow with every rising wave and stabilized with every receding tide.

TME has never thought alternatives to manufacturing, starting by producing U-Bolts in 1987 till date, which leaves its culture engrained with thought processes, attitudes, policies – all aligned to manufacturing. All the decision-making process at the management leadership levels, mid-management and grassroots levels revolve around the manufacturing processes and systems.

We believe that even today that manufacturing is at its core and its expansion potential underlies in its manufacturing capabilities. This core runs through the veins of TME making it capable to execute sorts of projects of sensitive nature, precision jobs and landmark sized at aggressive deadlines. This culture has awarded TME with the following high profile projects as below

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Ain Dubai
  • Dubai Metro
  • Kashagan Oilfield Development

Hoping to serve you all the times!!

Juzar A.P
Managing Director